Travaux En


biotherm Realization of paper stars of different scales (17cm to 2m)for the 2016 Biotherm Christmas campaign.Model: Candice Swanepoel/Photographer muse: RankinPhotographer Packshot: Paul & Henriette /Illustration & pattern design: Hvass & HannibalPaper design: Aline HD / Agencies: Mazarine & La Suite


google Stop motion animation broadcast on Google’s social networks. “Okay google, show me some Christmas decoration ideas.”Creation and manufacture of the paper decoration: Aline Houdé-Diebolt Produced by: We Are Social

En/Travaux/Mangez Paris

Eat Paris Creation of a paper decoration for the “Mangez Paris” campaign of the Marie de Paris.

En/Travaux/La tete dans les etoiles

La tête dans les étoiles Pattern made from 88 constellations. Stars become phosphorescent once the light goes out and allow children to have a light source while they fall asleep.


Butchery pattern Creation of a series of motifs inspired by the world of butchery / delicatessen.Patterns applied to various elements: tights, boots and pouch.

En/Travaux/J’adore Jun

J’adore jun Assistant Prop. Set up of the scenography / creation of set elements. Making Christmas cakes. Photographer: TAKAO OSHIMA (Photo model); Photographer: AYUMI SHINO (Photo shop)Prop stylist: MATHILDE NIVET ;Prop assistant: ALINE HDStylist: KEIKO MIYAZAWA; Paris Stylist assist: SHOHEIHair & Make up: NOBU FUJIWARA ; PARIS Coordinate : HIROMI OTSUKAFilm director : MIHO KINOMURA …

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En/Travaux/Motif Thai

Thaï Pattern Creation of a series of motifs inspired by a trip to Thailand.Patterns applied to various elements: notebooks, canvas shoes and wallpaper.


Hunting Creation of a series of motifs inspired by the hunting world.Patterns applied to various elements: bag, shoes and pouch.